The goal was to create a podcast for the career site that makes people feel that it is okay to talk about what’s hard and difficult. We figured that the best way to understand each other is trough knowledge and conversation so we invited influential people to a personal meeting. We wanted to know; what happens when things doesen’t go as you planned on the journey to success?

Misslyckandepodden is refreshing and inspiring. l It is about the journey, about obstacles and detours and how we despite – or sometimes because of – our failures reach our dreams and goals.

The work included: creating concept/campaign, photography & retouching, project management, production of print ads, digital ads, social media etc.

# 1 of 200 in the Category Career on iTunes
# 6 of 200 in the Category Business on iTunes
# 44 of 200 of the most popular podcasts in Sweden on iTunes
# 1 of 20 on the top list in Category career at Poddtoppen