Sweden’s largest education site, directed to all who are interested in education

25% more conversions (= visitors through the site sought training or ordered information) than in 2014

The target group, young people aged 18-23 years, are used to the Internet and are difficult to reach. Moreover, it is a limited relationship since many users only use the site to search for their education in a single intake.

A number of webisodes with influencers on the campaign theme Gör Ditt Val (make your choice). Easygoing and personal tone where each person talks about choices of great significance for them. We wanted to reinforce the will of the audience to make their choice of education and simultaneously dedramatise the consequences of their choice. Then the choice of study direction is subordinate the choice of what kind of life you want and the threshold to apply to a education will be lower.

The webisodes were spread by the ambassadors, means of purchased digital media (Facebook, YouTube, MTG TV online), buzz-networks and Metro’s own channels, newsletters and blogs.

Effect / results
More than 1 million views
+ 24% unique visitors (against 2014)
+ 41% conversions, that is, 16% points above the target (for 2014)
Easter (= less visitors) fell during the campaign in 2015 but not in 2014

The work entailed
Creating the campaign, copywriting, retouching, print ads, digital ads and social media.

Web tv production: Perfect Day Media