Tough Viking is the largest and most brutal Obstacle Race in Northern Europe composed of hard, wet and challenging kilometers with brutal obstacles. It’s designed to give participants maximum challenge and consist of, among other things, fire, ice, electricity, barbed wire, mud, reeds, balance training and American football teams.

As media partner Metro’s challenge was to attract people to watch the race and to establish awareness about the partnership.

Communication plan for the advertising

1. Create interest and paint a picture about what Tough Viking is
2. Challenge the Metro readers to participate in the race by competing for a spot at one of Metros teams. The teams were coached by Brian van den Brink and Malin Bengtsson and in addition to competing at the race the teams were competing against each other. The coaches and participants blogged during the campaign.


tough viking-2

tough viking-4

Läsarlaget som kom tvåa Malin’s team after they reached the finish line

tough viking2
On site were handed out Metro-branded bandannas and and clap sticks and we branded two obstacles

Tough Viking’s official video